Consortium Members

Collaboration coordinator

Deutor Cyber Security Solutions GmbH

  • is specialized in the development of strategies and solutions against criminal acts in the digital space.
  • has many years of experience in the fight against cyber crime, the analysis of process and supply chains and the creation of crime models.
  • is connected with a broad network of professionals from IT specialists, industry, public authorities, international organisations, law enforcement agencies and intelligence services.

By developing a generic approach to the detection of potential for abuse and crime in global process and supply chains that arise or have arisen as a result of digitization and networking, it will be possible for companies to recognize them at an early stage and take appropriate countermeasures.

Collaboration partners

Airbus Defence and Space is in charge of the sub-project NEMO SAT.

The focus of NEMO SAT is on researching the contribution potential of satellite-based information and includes the following research fields:

  • Supporting near-real-time situational awareness through AI-based analysis of AIS and Earth observation data using new, non-cooperative RF satellites.
  • Relieving the burden on operators of maritime surveillance systems through automated detection of anomalies.

Arina Deutschland GmbH is in charge of the sub-project NEMO ZAMR.

The focus of NEMO ZAMR is the development of a central analysis platform for the detection of correlations between different data sources from the maritime space. The platform should meet the following requirements:

  • Compatibility: Reading of at least six data sources
  • Performance: processing of 100 GB of data in 24 hours
  • Real-time data: search results within 15 minutes
  • Detection probability: +30
  • Probability of detection: +15

The Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB) is in charge of the NEMO KI sub-project.

The focus of NEMO KI is on the use of AI methods for automated detection of illegal activities in maritime space. In particular, this includes the further development of methods to detect critical maritime situations by combining knowledge-based AI approaches with data-driven approaches (hybrid AI).
NEMO AI also aims to develop an editor for the creation and optimization of knowledge-based AI models and to enable the demonstration and evaluation of AI models in the DigLT software.

Associated partners

  • Nuix
  • Thünen-Institut für Ostseefischerei
  • Thünen-Institut für Internationale Waldwirtschaft und Forstökonomie
  • Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg