How can we manage to secure global supply chains?

NO ONE is invisible

The business processes and financial transactions are digitally mapped and thus leave evaluable digital traces. Today, it is almost impossible to do business without leaving digital traces – even if supply chains run across the sea.

Behind every illegal activity are data streams (e.g.: business and organizational data) that can be identified and analyzed. Deviations from the legal process chains indicate criminal activities.

Mixing illegal and legal supply chains

Which fish now comes from the legal supply chain?

Within NEMO the entire legal supply chain will be analysed, to detect anomalies and at what point the legal supply chain is being abused for illegal activity. Anomalies can only be detected if the legal process and supply chain is known!

For the development of a generic crime model, two scenarios are fully explored:


Using the example of bluefin tuna


Using the example of a species of tropical wood from Indonesia

Deutor will provide the majority of work packages 2 and 3 (analysis of the process and supply chains and creation of the crime model) and use this knowledge regarding the use of data sources to identify illegal maritime activities, with the help of Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus and Arina.